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Dog Training Camps are unique and a very successful training option. Dog Camps are often referred to as Dog Boot Camp or Board and Train. Your dog stays with us in our home and learns from a professional dog trainer during the camp. We are able to keep the dogs in our home instead of having to send your dog off to be boarded at another kennel. This allows for consistent contact from professional trainers which allows us to bond completely with your dog which in turn helps tremendously with the training process. After the training, the owners will receive their private dog training sessions to show you how to reinforce the commands your dog already knows. This makes the training process that much easier. In group classes and private lessons the dog owner has to learn how to teach basic dog obedience commands to their dog and practice on their own. Reinforcing commands after a Dog Training Camp and applying them toward problem areas immediately, gives the dog owner quick results. It is less time consuming and more successful than training dogs in a private or group session. We provide continued support with additional private lessons and phone or e-mail support with our training. We are here for you after the training for the life of your dog if any help is needed.

Our dog training camps focus on helping you and your dog communicate with each other. Our dog training camps (some people refer to these as dog boot camps) also focus on teaching your dog how to willingly follow a lead. First, your dog will be trained to respond consistently to specific commands. We will then challenge them to apply what they have learned when they are working around distractions. At the end of the dog training camp, you will be instructed on how to implement the training into your daily activities as well as how to address behavior issues.

Our training always starts on-leash and we work toward the goal of a reliable off-leash response. We will work with your dog in many different settings to help them manage obstacles inside and outside of the home.

 Professional Dog Training for large and small dogs

Campbell's Canine Camp trains dogs both big and small. Call us at 866-979-DOGS or email us at for more information about how our dog training programs can improve your relationship with your dog.


 Who says dog obedience training can't be fun?

"My wife and I still can't believe the amazing transformation of our Australian Cattle dog (Bella). Our vet and other trainers told us there was little hope for Bella because she was a two year old herding dog, therefore she would be set in her "independent" ways. Bella is a brand new dog now after only two weeks of your camp. No more nipping and she is unbelievablely obedient. The best part is she actually seems to enjoy following our commands. Thank you so much Adam and Susanna!"

- Jeff and Marissa Z. of McLean, Virginia

"Where is my dog? The dog you returned to me cannot be the same dog. This dog walks by my side when on a leash; he sits and stays on command. He no longer jumps on people or furniture. He does not even get car sick like my dog..."

- Don Merson

 Dog Trainer

Adam training a dog to heel

The Two Week Dog Training Camp ($1450 plus Tax), our most popular course, is designed for dogs at least 6 months of age and up. Dogs learn basic obedience commands such as heel (walking with you), loose leash walking without pulling, auto-sit, sit and stay, down and stay, and come when called on a 6 and 10 foot leash. This leash foundation course also addresses behavior issues such as greeting people properly, bolting towards distractions, lack of self control, go to crate, leave it, drop it, "easy", and calm down. Dogs are worked numerous times throughout the day. They also receive lots of exercise in our secure and large fenced in yards plus get lots of personal attention. A private dog training session will take place at the end of camp. The owner will receive an evaluation of what Adam Campbell, owner of Campbell's Canine Camp and Professional dog trainer, experienced with your dog while at dog boot camp. He will also answer all of your questions and tell the owner what to expect from their dog after the training. He will then bring your dog into show the owner everything that has been improved upon. The owner will be instructed on how to continue the training at home to ensure a positive outcome. Reinforcement of the dog training is key. The two week camp includes boarding and training, dog training equipment, and private lessons for the owner plus continued follow up via another private lesson and phone and email support. We stand behind our work for the life of the dog. Contact us for more information.

Our Three Week E-Collar Training Camp ($2450 plus Tax) is truly an advanced obedience course. This requires your dog to have a certain level of maturity and an obedience training foundation. We do not use e-collars on 5 or 6 month old puppies. We like to start when your dog is closer to the 9/10 month mark or older. Sometimes exceptions are made. We can discuss what is the best option for your dog. This camp covers what the Two Week Dog Training Camp does as well as bridge the gap between on-leash and off-leash control. It can aid with nuisance behaviors such as not coming when called off leash, jumping on people and stealing things. E-Collars can also help significantly in dealing with certain aggressive behaviors such as leash aggression, unwanted barking, counter surfing, digging and fence frenzy behavior.

Campbell's Canine Camp has been successfully training dogs utilizing an E-Collar for over 20 years. E-Collar Training is also commonly referred to as E-Touch, Remote Collar Training, Shock Collar Training and Remote Trainer. E-collars have advanced significantly over the years and this has allowed our course to be that much more successful than in the past. Advanced dog obedience training often requires an off leash response which can be difficult to achieve through standard on-leash training. Proper training with an E-Collar allows you to obtain consistent off-leash control.

Please call us to determine whether your dog is a good candidate for this dog obedience training course. The three week dog obedience training camp includes boarding and training, private lessons for the owner, and a Dogtra remote training collar, training equipment plus continued follow up via another private lesson and phone and email support. We stand behind our work and will give support for the life of your dog. Contact us for more information.


Some of our "Trainees" in the E-Collar Camp Area
E-Collar Training is NOT intended for every dog, but can be an excellent training tool. Often times trainers rely on E-Collars as their only means of training. E-Collar training is not a one size fits all training approach. Every dog responds differently. It requires a trainer with a lot of experience to ensure a positive result. "Shock" collars started off as hunting dog equipment and were very limited. They were then used by some obedience trainers to assist in training. However, the limited levels of technology made for a one size fits all correction that was too extreme. Today's collars have warnings through tone and pager/vibration which allows a dog a warning besides your voice or training collar correction. Dogs learn very quickly to avoid potential increasing discomfort by responding to the warning and avoiding the unwanted behavior that leads to the correction.
The One Week Dog Training Refresher Camp ($750 plus Tax) can be used to address specific basic control problems. This course is more of a refresher camp for dogs that already have an obedience training foundation. Dogs improve on commands such as heel, auto-sit sit-stay, down-stay, loose leash walking without pulling and come when called. We will also work on greeting properly and jumping. We try to focus on areas where the dog needs the most help. It is often advisable to do a refresher dog camp after a standard two week dog training camp, if your dog is out of practice due to busy schedules. The one week camp includes boarding and training, dog training equipment, and a private lesson for the owner. Contact us for more information.

"...Our dog had been diagnosed by a veterinarian with 'fearful aggression' and had been prescribed 3 different medicines to calm his behavior.
Nothing had worked... we gave Campbell's Canines a try. Our dog spent more than 2 weeks at their home and there was a dramatic transformation... our dog was able to respond to the commands:
sit, heel, stay, and down. Miraculously, he was able to stop whining..."

- Kim Hansen

 Dear Adam and Susanna,

I thought you might like some pictures of the freedom you have brought our poodle, Jake. The picture of the far away dog in the woods is of him! And the reason he can be off-leash is the Dogtra E-collar remote training you provided him!

When Jake came to you, he was an exuberant, impulsive, energetic 15-month-old Standard Poodle puppy in need of some serious help! He jumped on people, mouthed with fervor, and ate/stole everything he could find! After participating and responding to months of traditional treat-based “positive” training, Jake did quite well when the treat being offered to him was more exciting than the behavior he really wanted to exhibit. However, if the “prize” (squirrel, visitor at the door, etc) was more enticing, we had no control!

The remote training was just what Jake needed. We were so apprehensive at first, and you were kind to field each of our questions in our several phone calls leading up to the training. We were glad to know that we can send a vibration to the collar as a warning to Jake that he needs to listen, and that if he chooses not to heed that warning, we can then deliver a mild “shock” to him. We are also glad to know that we can control the amount of shock he gets, determined by his distraction level. We have used the collar ourselves to test it, and it’s nothing more than the equivalent of a very mild carpet “shock” from static electricity.

Having Jake gone for three weeks was difficult for us, but apparently not for him! We appreciated that you got him acclimated and started on the commands without the collar first. When you deemed him ready, you introduced the collar in vibrate mode only, and were very careful to get him comfortable with this. Only when he was ready did you introduce the shock component. We loved the updates you sent us along the way.

When I came for my lesson at the end of three weeks, I expected him to happily charge at me when he saw me. While he was still the happy, affectionate, enthusiastic dog I had left, he was incredibly calm, with a huge doggie smile! He listened beautifully to your commands, and the training you gave me transferred just fine. I was truly surprised at how happy and calm he was! The few times we had previously boarded him at a kennel, he would be exhausted for days, as if he hadn’t slept a wink. At your place, Jake was perfectly happy! He had obviously slept and eaten well, and benefitted from the positive, consistent, nurturing, calm yet assertive attention you gave him. The fact that he could play with your dogs while he was there was icing on the doggie cake!

Now that it’s been almost six months since Jake’s training, I thought you’d like to know how he is doing. In short, this collar has probably saved his life! We currently have an ongoing three-month renovation in our house. Jake is the type of dog to eat EVERYTHING: drywall, sponges, nails, cement, splintery wood, gloves…and as you can imagine, there has been no shortage of items for him to attempt to steal and eat around here! Fortunately for all of us, when Jake is wearing his collar, we can stop him in his tracks and get him to relinquish his stolen items. This would be impossible without the remote collar!

The collar has also improved his quality of life. His favorite thing to do is to run in the woods with me. He is such an athletic, energetic dog that jogging or walking on a leash has little obvious physical benefit to him. But when I can take him off-leash, you can’t imagine what this dog does! He must run for miles for every one that I cover! He races up hills, down hills, chases squirrels, frolics in streams…words cannot describe his exuberance! In these woods, he would also be thrilled to chase a deer for miles, jump on children and elderly bird watchers, and wrestle with every dog he comes in contact with. HOWEVER, with the Dogtra collar, I can page him up to ½ mile away, he comes immediately, and sits at attention for me to put his leash on if there are distractions approaching. PRICELESS!

Now, is Jake the perfect dog? Absolutely not. He is still an exuberant, energetic, young dog. However, he is less impulsive than he had been, and with continued time and reinforcement, I can only imagine he will continue to mature.

Do we use his collar daily? Not anymore, to be honest. (He does not need to wear his outdoor electric fence collar either – I understand all dogs are different in this respect). He walks on the leash beautifully now (as opposed to his dragging me down the street prior to training), and listens well in the house. If we have visitors to the house or want to take him somewhere off-leash, we do still use the collar, to help him remember his manners.

THANK YOU, Adam and Susanna, for helping Jake and our family!

Amy K. and Family
Great Falls, Virginia

 3 week E-Collar Camp Referral from July 17, 2011.

Follow up for the owner comes with all dog training camps. Follow up refers to continued guidance after the camp is over through email, phone contact or an additional private lesson to insure positive results.

Please call or email us to learn more about our services or book your session.

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